5 Best torrent sites for EBooks Download

5 Best torrent sites for EBooks Download

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Now download all your Ebooks from best Torrent Sites.

Best EBook Torrent SitesTorrent is one of the most used network of downloads. Millions of people search and download the files from the torrent networks each day. With these popularity there are many sites that offer torrent indexing services allowing users to search the torrent contents and download them. While almost all the torrent sites are good for stuffs like movies and software, there are very few that have huge library of torrents of eBooks. Our this article is to provide the list of 5 best torrent sites for searching and downloading the eBooks. To read best torrent download sites in general, click the link below:

While making this best eBook torrent sites, following things are considered:

  • The sites with huge library are given preference as more files increases the chances of finding the searched eBook by the users.
  • Latest updated versions of eBooks and their frequency. This helps the users in finding the latest eBooks.

Disclaimer: We do not host any torrent links and are not associated with any torrent sites. The purpose of this article is to share the information only. Any use by the users of torrent sites mentioned here are solely attributed to them and the responsibility to lies with them only.

Below is the list of best torrent sites for eBooks:

The Pirate Bay

It is no doubt one of the best torrent sites that is not only leading in all kinds of torrent downloads but is also leading in eBook downloads. With the huge database of the eBook torrents, it is listed at number 1 due to the following plus points it has:

  • It is has a special search options for eBook searches only.
  • It has thousands of torrent eBooks to download.

ISO Hunt

Well it is the name that every torrent downloader must have already listened and used it for downloading the torrents. It is one of the faster torrent download site and has got more than 10000 premium eBooks to download. It is ranked currently 2nd by us due to following reasons:

  • It has the biggest database of eBook torrents.
  • It is also one of the best torrent sites that are able to deliver the eBook torrents.

Click to go to ISO Hunt


It is one of the best torrent download sites. It is basically a search listing sites for listing the torrents from other popular torrent networks. This is the sole reason why many people prefer it. Due to the reason that it makes its searches from the top torrent providers, there is always the increased possibility for the users to locate the torrent for eBooks much easily. Despite the fact that it isn’t a torrent file host, yet it is ranked at 3 because:

Due to its feature of making the searches on all the popular torrent download sites, it makes the process of finding the eBook torrents much easier as it can simultaneously make the searches on most of the torrent sites. Since it acts more like a torrent search engine, it has access to huge database of the torrents either to eBook or any other too.

  Click here to goto Torrentz.eu


It is too one of the most used torrent site. While it do not have so many database of torrents as other but it has the advantage over other because the torrents are monitored and faked torrents are removed immediately.

  • It has got old collection of eBooks.
  • It has got clean torrent feature that removes the malicious and user reported torrents in time.
  • It is easy to search and view the torrent files before selecting them to download.

Click here to goto Torrentcrazy.com


Right from last year it is still the most used torrent site for eBook downloads, it has too got special dedicated pages for eBook torrents only. All the torrents are listed under two heads- one simple torrents and another as verified torrent so as to save the precious time of users to view for insight contents.

  • It has nice and easy interface as forum layouts.
  • It too has got verified torrent section to help the users download the verified torrents only.
  • It has the special page for listing all the torrents.

Click here to goto Fenopy.com

These were the five best torrent sites for eBook download. EBook can also be acquired through several other sources directly without the need to download through torrent networks yet one can use it to download the eBooks that are available on torrent sites. To see the list of eBook without torrent sites, search on the search box.

Also note some torrent are slow due to less seeders available or any other issues. To download those torrents with server side downloader’s, follow the instructions at http://suwwa.com/download-torrent-with-your-favourite-download-manager/.

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