Alternative zbigz or torrofic alternatives

Alternative zbigz or torrofic alternatives

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Now get more faster alternative to Zbigz and Torrofic.

Well guys in our earlier post you saw how to download torrent files from the browser or with your favourite download manager.

Internet Download ManagerIn that article you might have noticed that, the site we used was This site is now being used by many for this purpose and for this reason its speed have been downgrading. Now many find it difficult to achieve full speed. Moreover it is a premium service provider which may close its free service anytime. So why not to find several alternatives to this?

Well this was the reason why we are writing this article for you. Now you can have the option of having several alternative site of downloading your torrent content with your favourite download manager. Below are the list as updated on 20th Feb, 2014.


Well this one is also a free service as big but is more user friendly and powerful. We recommend it as the best alternative to big.

To visit click the link below:

Click to Visit Bitlet.Org


It’s a nice contender too for this race of alternative to While you won’t be able to use the downloader at your service as in zbigz, but yes they allow you to download with their own downloading exe file. It’s good and fast too but to those who don’t want to or fear that the exe file is dangerous to be installed, they can head-on to read on our next listed site.

But for those who want to see the service, they can click the link below:

Click to Visit

The site is in Russian language but don’t worry it won’t stop you from using the service, simply use google to translate the language. Hope you know how to do that but in case you don’t know it then simply search for google translate to open the google translator and then select the language and address to be translated.

That’s very easy isn’t it? We recommended this despite the fact that it’s not in English because it is the best contender and is nearly the clone in literal meaning for the

To visit the site simply click the link given below:

Click to Visit


Well till now all had a speed limitation isn’t it?

At least for free accounts there were speed limitation. But this is the one that doesn’t restrict you to there. It allows full speed even for the free comers. The only problem is that file size must not be above 2GB and it uses your drop box service. So you may have to create an account with them.

To use this service simply click the link below:

Click to Visit Boxopus

It is a nice alternative but we placed it below just because it now no longer is free. It was started as free project just to attract the customers but is now no longer a free service. This costs you now from starting $4 / month service. If you don’t worry of price tag, then it is a good service provider.

It can be accessed from:

Click to Visit Put.IO

Torrent Handler

It is a nice alternative to torrofic as it can download the torrent files with much faster speed and added support. You just need to upload the torrent file to it so that it can retrieve the file from the torrent server and make you able to download them with your favourite download manager with much higher speed.

To visit the site click the link below:

Click to Visit Torrent Handler

Well this one was the starting business service provider that started such sites. But now it may not be available in your area. Moreover due to having high no. of user it experiences back service.

Note: in many places is unavailable.

New Additions:


It is too one of the best alternative to Zbigz. It is the best one due to the reason that it provides you free online spaces for storage of torrents and also unrestricted speed for registering with it for free account. Like the Zbigz, it too has the premium option for having storage space above the free limits and to increase the unrestricted bandwidth limits.

To visit the site click the link below:

Click to Visit Bytebx


It is one of the latest entrant on this field. While it is too little time to make any judgement on it for reliability on it, yes it is a nice provider that one can use occasionally. It is free too and that too without any restrictions.

To visit the site click the link below:

Click to Visit

People use this service to download all kinds of torrents. But what we want to say is that please guys download only the torrents that have very less seeds or with the one with which you experience the difficulty in downloading. For other normal torrent try bit torrent and download torrents directly. If you start downloading this way, servers will be overloaded and once again users will have to experience lack of service as with most of the providers in this business.

Well this article was for searching the torrent download alternatives to but for those who don’t know how to use these services, we do have an introductory article for them that guides them to learn how to download torrents with their own favourite download manager rather than using the torrent clients.

To read the introductory article simply search in our site or click the link below:

Click to learn how to download Torrent with Download Managers

Hope this article helped you to find the alternatives that you were searching for and in that case please do not forget to like and share us. Also do comment for any other alternative that you know so that same can be listed back here in this article.

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