Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

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Most used and popular apps of Android.

Most popular & best Android appsMost With Android App market crossing over 9,00,000 apps this Quarter, there are lots of apps available in Google Play Store for free. While not all the apps are good and most of them are simply adsvertising bots, but still there are some best apps available in Google Play Store that one must need to have in order to enjoy better mobile experience with Android. Below are the lists of few best Android Apps that are most essential apps:


FacebookWell in today time who doesn’t need it. Worlds must use social network site is available from android in much optimised way with several added features.It is the native app developed by Facebook for its users. Originally it was Snaptu App which was purchased by Facebook and was later branded by it to make its own social mobile app.

To download it click the link below:

Click to Download Facebook from Google Play Store


WhatsappWell this one is the chat messenger or in simple you can tell it as a replacement for your costly SMS.

It can automatically switch from mobile 3G data to Wi-Fi data to send your all messages to your loved ones. And all these features is free to at least for first year and will cost just one dollar from next year.

So why not to give a try to it from the below link:

Click to Download WhatsApp from Google Play Store


NimbuzzWell this one is your simple replacement for Skype needs in mobiles. It is a chat and VoIP client that is best and free. Also you can connect it to Wi-Fi. You can call any landline and mobile no. by using any other VoIP service provider by its gateway. And to call other user simply it’s free. It is one of the oldest mobile VOIP service and is rich in features too with chatrooms and other options.

To download it click below:

Download Nimbuzz from Google Play Store


True Caller

true callerThis is free global phone directory with caller id and call blocker which you can install one your phone to know who is calling and to bar the calls from whom you don’t want. It is available in regional versions too and is the best call finder app that has the biggest call numbers detabase that can be used to find out the callers and block them too.

To download it simply click the link below:

Download True Caller from Google Play Store

These were the best and most used apps in Android Devices. To be updated with the latest updates, do not forget to revisit later. If you are an app developer, kindly mail details of your apps to [email protected]

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