Best ISP in Nepal

Best ISP in Nepal

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Best ISPs in Nepal.

Best ISP of NepalWell with the increasing number of internet users in Nepal, the number of ISP too is growing. Once the Nepal Telecommunication had the lead major dominance on this sector, but with introduction of new ISP its dominance is falling rapidly. New comers with better services are growing to new highs on this small internet market in Nepal.

Cellular and Landline Connections


Well may it be the power of 3G or telesonaria’s expertise in mobile networking, they are growing rapidly in Nepal with Ncell brand. The best part is that they are providing the best service. You can get 3G network coverage to most of the major cities and can get access to much faster internet speed of tested up to 3.6Mb depending on the hardware and network signals.


  • 3G connectivity in most of the cities.
  • Ping time below 100ms.
  • Speed up to 3Mbs.
  • Data based plans
  • Fastest DNS propagation time usually 2 hrs.
  • Minimum or no caching found.
  • Sharing users not applicable
  • Low network errors.
  • Data loss 0.01 %


  • Too costly for PC usages and is suitable for mobile users only.


The government financed public sector company, is still one of the leading in internet services. While it do not have much mobile users, it has the largest users for home connections through ADSL/Dial –up lines.


  • Cheapest plans for unlimited usages.
  • Low pings usually 120 ms.
  • Speed available up to 2 Mbs recently added in valley.
  • Fast DNS propagation time usually 2-3 hrs.
  • Minimum or no caching found.
  • Low sharing’s
  • Low network errors
  • Data losses 0.05%.


  • Some time network failures occurs. While the problem isn’t so long you do have to wait for dial-up up to 3-4 mins.


While it started with the mass internet users due to its starting cheap plans, its user base is significantly decreasing due to its low speed.


  • Cheap plans
  • High network coverage in recent time due to extensions
  • Less caching
  • Data losses 1%.


  • Too speed.
  • Pings below 400ms.
  • High sharing’s
  • Slow DNS propagation time usually beyond 8 hrs.
  • Often network errors.

WIFI Internet

 While these were the few best cellular and landline internet providers, there are many wireless internet providers too. With the recent trend in Wi-Fi internet usages, several ISPs have entered in this field.Few of wireless internet service providers are:


It is the 1st major national level Wi-Fi service provider with the cheapest plans and high speed connections. It is probably the best ISP to provide Wi-Fi internet service throughout the major cities.


  • Cheap and affordable plans.
  • Both data base and bandwidth plans.
  • Pings below 150 ms in Wi-Fi connection.
  • Little caching control.
  • Fast DNS propagation usually 6 hrs.
  • Growing network cover ages.
  • Very low sharing’s.


  • Insecure connection as inherited by Wimax services.
  • Low signals.
  • Data losses .5 – 1 %.

World link

This one is one of the first private internet service provider in the country. It is the most used business connection provider from long time. It has entered into Wi-Fi services too.


  • Nice speed.
  • Pings at 200 ms
  • Affordable plans.
  • low sharing
  • Coverage in major cities.
  • Less caching
  • DNS propagation time is short often below 6 hrs.


  • Little costlier than others.
  • Less secure as inherited by wimax service providers.
  • Data loses 1%.


With recent success in chitwan, it has extended too its network in several major cities of the country. While service in chitwan is fine, services in other cities is far below average.


  • Data and unlimited plans available.


  • Costlier than others.
  • Too much caching even the dynamic sites. (While caching of static pages is okay to provide faster page load times, it often caches the personal sites like your Gmail as traced out while testing. Image uploaded below as proof. This is a privacy breach too.)
  • DNS propagation time too high, often more than 24 hrs. (As tested with our own domains name server changes results.)
  • Pings often beyond 300 ms.
  • Auto configuration often fails for windows 8 and other latest OS.
  • Often ICMB flooding.
  • Low network signal on Wi-Fi.
  • Too much network jams often for 4 – 5 hrs.
  • Once left out with login errors will require you to call before re login.
  • High network errors.
  • Data losses 1-10%(tested for Wi-Fi only)
  • High sharing.

Results and Notes:

Pings: time taken to travel the single packet between server and your system. The smaller the ping time, the better connectivity. Pings below 100 ms is ideal for online gaming and VoIP services.

Ncell has the 1st rank and techminds has the last rank.

Cache control: it is the portion of data stored when you visit a site so that the same data can be send back to users in case of revisit. Generally no caching is the policies of best ISP in world. Also caching can be regarded as illegal if used with SSL connections and this is the reason why we have placed techminds as the worst that need to correct its setup. The less cache used, the fresh pages you see, the more used, the older pages you see.

Ncell has the 1st rank and techminds has the last rank.

DNS propagation time: it’s the time taken to update the DNS servers so that you can visit the sites at new their new IP address. Maximum of 8 hrs. is considered as ideal.

Ncell ranks 1st and techminds ranks the last.

Price: Cost for your usages.

Broadlink ranks 1st and Ncell ranks last.

Network uptime: it’s the time up to which the connection runs smoothly without any interference. The less the network error, the better is the service.

Ncell ranks best and Techminds ranks worst for having a network issue in every 4 hrs. on an average.

Sharing’s: it means the ratio used to provide the bandwidth among users. Low the sharing higher uptimes, higher the sharing lower uptime.

Broadlink ranks 1st and UTL ranks last. This is the only case where techminds isn’t the last.

Hope this was helpful in deciding you which ISP to subscribe with.

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