Best Mobile Torrent Clients for all Mobile Platforms (Symbian, Windows, Android, Java,...

Best Mobile Torrent Clients for all Mobile Platforms (Symbian, Windows, Android, Java, IPhone, Blackberry & Others)

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Now Download Torrent on all Mobiles.

Best Torrent Client for SmartphoneTorrent networks are increasing rapidly. In fact at present people download more videos and other stuffs from the torrent networks much more times than from the direct downloading sites. While the reason may be that on torrent they are able to get all the contents including the copyright protected for free yet the number of people downloading through torrent is increasing rapidly.. On several occasions’ torrent traffic are the major part of the data flow of the ISPs. It is because on torrent nearly all the files are available and there isn’t any problem of speed especially with the popular torrents because the more the torrent is in download the more active seeds it will have.

While torrents were originally stuff meant for PCs but with the advancement of the mobile technology, it is now being used by mobile users too. There are several clients now available for torrent downloads for mobile users. Below are the few torrent download manager for different mobile platforms:

For Android devices

Android are the most growing mobile platform and with its growth several torrent clients are now available for it. While there are several available one of the best client is from the uTorrent itself.

UTorrent mobile client for android

UtorrentWith the much success as PC torrent client, it is now available for mobile users too. To download it for your android devices from the Google Play store, click the link below:

Click to Download from Google Play Store

Mobile version of the uTorrent for android is of nearly 2.5MB in size and has following features:

  • It has unrestricted speed and number of simultaneous downloads.
  • It has the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds to keep you updated.
  • It is now ready to be run on Wi-Fi download mode only, to save your mobile data costs.
  • It has the ability to play the media.
  • Supports pause and resume functions.
  • It has the ability to delete the whole torrent file and also forward the files for scanning by the antivirus.

For Java Devices

Old but still in use is the java phones that are mostly used by now medium range mobile devices. Torrent clients were earlier developed for it in past too. Mob torrent is the currently best available Java torrent client.


Java TorrentIt is available since more than 2 years for making java enabled devices to download the torrents and also has the ability to upload the torrent files.

To download it from Softonic, click the download link below:

Download Mob Torrent

It is one of the best torrent client currently available for all JAVA enabled MIDP version 1.5 above devices.

  • It has no limits on speed of downloads.
  • It supports two simultaneous downloads.
  • It is able to upload the torrent client along with downloads.
  • It has the ability to choose files out of the single torrent download file to download each file separately.
  • It has the ability to pause and resume the torrent downloads.
  • It too has the ability to remove the whole torrent files in part downloads.

For Blackberry devices

Earlier blackberry was blocking to allow the torrent client on blackberry OS due to security reasons. But now several torrent clients are available for blackberry OS too. The best among them is the BBTOR client which is the first torrent client for blackberry OS.


Blackberry Torrent ClientThough it isn’t free as in other mobile platforms, yet one can download it from the link below for just $2. You can download it from the link given below:


  • It is the first torrent client for blackberry OS.
  • It supports the magnet link downloads.
  • It also supports the pause and resume functions.
  • It also supports multi tracker except for BES/BIS.
  • It supports Blackberry OS 5, 6 & 7.
  • It can also register the .torrent extension to open the torrent files natively without need to launch the torrent client.

For iPhone OS

Like the blackberry OS, apple too refused earlier several times for having the torrent client available for its iPhone devices. But now there are several torrent clients available for it. The best one is iTransmission but it requires jail breaking the iPhone.

While one can download the torrent clients by jail breaking, we do not recommend it and hence we haven’t provided the download links for it. Instead at the end of the article we have mentioned the way to download the torrents without jail breaking the iPhone OS.

For Symbian OS

Once all the major Nokia products had the Symbian OS. Though Nokia has abandoned Symbian OS to accept the windows OS, there are still many Symbian users. For them SymTorrent is the best torrent client available for torrent downloads.


It is the best torrent client for Symbian OS and is free too.

To download the symtorrent client sis installer click the download link below:

SIS Installer for Torrent Client in Symbian OS

  • It supports pause and resume functions.
  • It is compatible with all the Symbian devices.
  • It has the ability to download simultaneous downloads and also has the ability to erase complete torrent download file history from the phone.

For Windows mobile devices

Currently there are several app for windows mobile devices. But all of them are the torrent remote controller for the windows PCs. It is because the windows phone do not have file system and it is impossible at present for developers to make a call function on the phone for opening .torrent file extensions.

But don’t worry, there’s the way to download the torrent in windows mobile phones too and we have discussed it below at the end of the article.

Finally these were the torrent clients available for download in the major mobile OS. But there is other way too to download the torrent files in mobile devices without the need for any torrent client. For iPhone users it is the best because this way they do not need to jailbreak the OS. Also it is best for windows mobile users who do not have native torrent clients. It is also suited best for other devices that do not have the torrent clients.

To read know how to download the torrent file for IPhone without jail breaking and also for windows and other devices without the need for torrent client in the phone, click the link below:

Click to know how to Download Torrent in iPhone, Windows & Others without jailbreaking and Torrent Client

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