Best Torrent download sites of 2014

Best Torrent download sites of 2014

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Best Torrent Download sites of 2014.

Disclaimer: We do not have any link to torrent sites and neither do we support the use of downloading or sharing of the illegal and copyrighted materials through torrent networks. This article is simply the list of the best available torrent download sites that we believe anyone may need to share their files much faster with torrent sharing and also for the reason one may need to obtain the rare files that are available in torrents only and yes in good faith.

Please note: Information isn’t dangerous but the manner in which one uses do convert it to be dangerous. So you must know how you are going to use these torrent service providers and for your usages solely only you are liable.
Best Torrent sites of 2014

Well everyone knows torrent are the best sources to download the latest movies, software’s and much more digital contents. But the word torrent also reminds us with the pirated and corrupt files on which we waste our much time and at last we get nothing for damage of our download bandwidth and time. Very often we see the torrent links and when we download them either we get virus or the files are locked with passwords and to know the passwords we are asked to fill their surveys. That’s very annoying. It would have been better, if we had the downloads directly from the official sites isn’t it?

Well don’t worry there are always the good among the bad too. From recent trends many torrent download sites are moving with the trend of reviewing the torrent files. Many of them do actually allow the users to report and analyse the content before you are provided the link to download and believe it, it is the best way because it not only saves your time from downloading the ad wares and wrongly named files but also prevents you from downloading the potentially unwanted vulnerable files.

While the number of torrent service providers have been tremendously increasing only few meet out the criteria for proper listing and file reviews. Few of the best torrent service providers of this year are:


Unlike the earlier trend where torrent sites themselves used to rule the internet, now its their popular search engine that is ruling the web. It is one of the most used torrent search engine and has many time more users than other sites. After Copyright infringement agencies pushing hard on curbing the torrent sites, its TorrentZ that has grown to be most used site. It indexes torrent files from all the major torrent sites and provide them when users searches them.

  • Best if you need to search the torrent download links from all the major torrent download sites at once.

  • Biggest database access as you have the access to all the major torrent sites.

  • Faster searches and proper listings of torrent downloads from the major torrent download providers.

The Pirate Bay

Well founded back since 2003, it’s increasing its reach more effectively. It has the links for several millions downloads. As is said criticism too brings you the fame, this site too is experiencing the same. While the several copyright suits may have troubled the site admin, it had given them access to the much more traffic than before as several people heard for it and went to try for it. It has also got the largest database of illegal torrent files and that’s the reason why the site is always troubled by the copyright authorities from the European and American Copyright Law Enforcements..

The best part with this is that it has got the largest eBooks collection too and has categorised the lists so that you can search easily what you wanted.

  • Large database of torrent files.
  •  Categorised browsing and search enables.

Torrent Crazy

While they are not the most visited site as the pirate bay, but this site is also the best place to download the torrent links as it has got huge links database. While the torrents aren’t updated much faster but it has one plus point that makes it ahead of others’. It has the largest torrents for other than English Language Movie downloads.

  • Torrents are reviewed before download.
  •  Best option for other than English torrent downloads.
  • Best for movies download for other than English language.

While considering the torrents files, one most also check how popular they are because the popular sites have many users and this increases the number of torrent files available for downloads. The more the number of torrents, the more probability that you will find the torrent that you were searching for.

Also in case you find slow speed for old torrent files that aren’t leeched at present, you might consider downloading it through sites like which allow you to download the torrents after caching to their own servers. While this not only will increase your downloading speed but also will enable you to download the files in compressed formats so that less bandwidth is used and more over you have the ability to download the specific file inside the torrent without wasting your valuable bandwidths. To see more on how to download the torrent files from the click the link below:

Download Torrent Tutorial with Zbigz

Also note that there are cases where zbigz and other sites get overloaded as was the case with torrofic site that had started this business. So you can see the list of alternative sites to torrofic or zbigz by clicking the link below:

Alternative to Zbigz

For knowing the best torrent sites of all time, click here.

Also sometime your ISPs block the torrent providers. While it is very difficult to block the torrents download, they can block the site from which you get the torrent link. So to overcome that you can either try downloading through sites like or you can try simply to download the torrent by getting the links from torrent providers with a trick to visit them through their IPs. Generally the block is done for the domain query where you are blocked to access the site if you search for that domain. But don’t worry even if they block the access through IPs too, you have several free VPN service that you can use to access the contents. These were the few best torrent sites. If you too know any best then do make a comment on the comment section below.

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