Download Torrent with IDM

Download Torrent with IDM

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Now download Torrent with Server side download to make faster downloads

Torrents are the best way to find the content and then download them. But the problem is that some torrent are fast but all aren’t. several time especially the older one have very less active seeds and that’s the reason why torrent downloads become very slow are sometime too much slow to be downloaded.

Well we had written in our previous articles also how to download the torrents but that seems to be lacking some info’s so we made this article so that you can be able to download the torrents with IDM more easily.

Before starting to know the trick let’s have a look to:

Why Download the Torrent With IDM?

Well the answer seems to be very easy, IDM is the fastest download manager. Moreover with IDM you get the resume features and also your upload bandwidth isn’t used while with torrent downloaders, your upload bandwidths are used to make the seeds available to be downloaded by the other users simultaneously. Well that’s the way torrent works so it’s a nice idea to download it by IDM.

Why IDM?

Well it is the fastest download manager but don’t worry you can use this trick with any other Download Manger Utility too. To have a look at which are the faster downloaders available see our article whose link is given below:

Click to see the comparison of best Download Managers

IDM ranks there first, so we choose it to make it the default Download Manager for the trick explanation.

How to Download them?

Well after knowing the reason lets now proceed with the trick. The trick is very simple, we have always the less available bandwidth then the servers running websites, so we will be using their speed to download the torrent to the server and then we download it to our system at the maximum speed we can.

This way we do not intend to make the replacement for torrent downloader but we try to download the torrents that have very less seeds or are very slow. Yes sometime torrents specially the older and unpopular ones have very less seeds and these torrents are harder to download due to their less seeds as we know the more the seeds active, the more the downloading speeds.

So in such situations we can use the following ways to download the torrents with the IDM.

Follow the following steps to start downloading with the trick:

  1. 1. First open the site in your browser. This is a site from where you can have your torrent downloaded to their server before downloading it to your system with the IDM. After opening the site you will get the screen as below:Zbigz
  2. Now either click on upload and choose the torrent file or go to the torrent download link and copy as below like in Firefox. Copy just the link of torrent download
  3. To get the link of the torrent visit to the torrent site that you use and the search out the torrent that you need to download.
  4. After searching the torrent use its link. As shown below copy the link of the torrent i.e. .torrent file they you will be downloading.Torrent Copy Link
  5. After copying the link Simply paste it in the search box as shown below:Paste Link of Torrent
  6. And then click on Go.Choose free or Paid Version Zbigz
  7. You will be asked whether you are a premium or free user. Select free and click on free. Select Download from Zbig
  8. After sometime you see your torrent file is cached. Now you can download it in zip format by clicking the download button.

This way you can download all the torrents that you want.

But please guys use it in case of need and not always otherwise the site will experience the slow network problem as did the torrofic had the problem.

But in any case if it’s so, you can try several other alternatives available out there too.

For list of alternative to simply click the link below:

Click to Know Alternative to Zbigz or Torrofic

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