java emulator for android

java emulator for android

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Java for androidThis article is a guide to install java on the android phones. While newer android phones are much more advanced and the jelly bean OS has very nice features. It has nice apps too but yet few may find the need to run java apps.

Once the java was a hero and may be that someone misses them still after shifting to android.  While natively android do not support java but there’s a way to install java on the android phones.  The trick is very simple. 

You just need to download the .apk file for which have given the links below and the install it.  The app is developed by xda-developers and is called JEBD. 

It has nice features added to it and is in fact a nice app to emulate java version games and apps.

While everyone knows how much people use to like in the java apps before. Its value is even today felt when you can’t find the old java app still developed for the android versions.

While many apps are already out in their android forms for downloads, majority of them are supported by high end android Oss only. And the previous or older versions of android do not have many java version apps available to them in android form.

So you can try installing this app on android versions even below 2.3 and the start enjoying full time with your java apps.

To download the android .apk file that has the java emulator, click the link below:

You can download the link from the android phone itself.

But in case you want to download it from the pc then just click our next link for same app converted in zip format.

Click below to download the app:

After downloading the zip file extract it and the transfer it to you device to install it.

After installing the app, simply open java apps from whatever source you download.

If you don’t know where to get the java apps from, click the link to open our earlier article for java games and apps downloading site:

After downloading the java apps simply open with the JEBD player to run it.

There are very few only and probably it is the only best one to make you run java on android.

But if you do know any other version of app available to do the same thing, then do wrote it on the comment section of the page. This way others will able to view it too.

Hope this article help you. If you like it, feel free to share and like it.

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