Latest faster alternative to Zbigz

Latest faster alternative to Zbigz

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Know more alternatives as Zbigz.

Zbigz is one of the most used server side torrent downloader. But this popularity has caused degrade in its speed too. While for premium users it still offers faster speeds but for free users often its speed is restricted to much below 100KBS. This is due to the reason that often people use it for normal torrents too. Server side torrent downloads should be done only when there are very less torrent seeds available so as to increase the downloading bandwidths. For normal downloads if not barred by the ISP, bit torrent clients are much faster.

For those who still don’t know what zbigz or zerobigz is about and how to use it to download the torrents especially with IDM, read our introductory article by clicking the link below:

To read how to download torrents with your favourite download manager from site other than Zbigz, click the link below:


It is one of the torrent caching sites that caches the popular torrent to make their download faster. It is in fact the one that only deals with the torrent caching unlike the zbigz and other cloud solutions. It is the best and completely free service where one can store the .torrent file to make the server cache the torrent. Moreover the plus point it has is the unrestricted faster and free service.

To get started with click the link below:


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While it is not an ideal solution as zbigz, it is faster because the torrent are downloaded natively with the full speeds from the torrent seeders directly. The only thing that differs in this process is that one do not need to have torrent downloader installed as necessary files regarding the torrents are stored within the tiny file in EXE format.

While it is good solution but several misuses have been reported by several site monitors and people. Many times it is risky too to download the .exe files from torrent networks.



As listed in our ordinary alternative to Zbigz article, it is the not only mere alternative but is rather more advance then it. It do not have the restriction even in trial and free version downloads for speed. It is much faster than Zbigz for free downloads.

Click the link below to get started with Bytebx


Or click the link below to read how to download torrent with it.

These are the fastest free downloading speed alternatives for this month. While there are others too as Aahashare that has much faster speed due to their heavy seeder sharing to make the torrent download itself faster than having server downloads, yet these three are selected as the best alternative due to the fact that they have much faster bandwidth without any restriction for the free users.

While these were the best faster speed download alternatives to Zbigz, click on our article Alternative to Zbigz whose link is given above in the beginning for sites with similar functions. For those who need more faster alternative and the site designs and easiness do not matter, they can keep visiting this site to get the updated faster alternative for free users.

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